Plixus Conference Network Technology by Televic

Conference venues are mission-critical environments requiring equipment that offers performancesecurity and reliability.

For that purpose, Televic Conference developed a new dedicated network technology: Plixus
®. Plixus offers what no other off-the-shelf technology can offer: extreme performance, strict security and reassuring reliability.

Plixus offers more bandwidth, better quality and less latency than any other commercial network technology.

Packet based

Plixus is a packet based network with a proprietary protocol developed by Televic, specifically for mission-critical conference applications. Through dynamic bandwidth attribution, it offersguaranteed quality for both audio and video.

plixus - guaranteed bandwidth for audio video and data

No loss of data

Regular IP traffic is tunneled over the Plixus network. This can be traffic of a local area network (LAN) or traffic coming of an internet connection. There is not a single point in the network where this traffic enters in direct contact with the conference network data.

Bandwidth reserved for high definition conference audio and video can simply not be affected by bursts of high volume IP traffic. The conference system’s performance is hence guaranteed and not affected by what happens in the IP tunnel.

plixus legend

High definition audio and low latency HD video

The philosophy of Plixus is to maximize the use of available bandwidth so that there is no need to compromise on quality of video and audio. 64 Channels of audio are passed uncompressed over the network at 48ksps and 1080p/60 HD Video travels with an extremely low latency of less than a frame!