Lingua ID Plixus驅動翻譯員台

Plixus Powered Interpreter Desk


Televic’s Interpreter Desk is a demonstration of user centered designand it embodies a new approach to enhance the working comfort of the interpreter.

The unique focus on superior user feedback, improved ergonomicsand intuitive interfacing makes it the most user-friendly professional interpreter desk on the market today.

The Televic Interpreter Desk has been designed by and for the professional interpreter.

Designed to take a minimum amount of space on the table, the Televic Interpreter Desk optimizes the limited space that is available in the typically packed interpreter booths.

Hardware and software blend together and create a seamless experience for the interpreter.

The design of the Televic Interpreter Desk is clear and minimalistic, innovative yet familiar and complying with the strict ISO standard for interpreter equipment.

It helps freelance, residential and visually impaired interpreters to do their job better, more focused and yet more relaxed.

Order reference:  
71.98.2100 Plixus Powered Interpreter Desk

Delivering Lip Sync'd HD Video to the booth

Up until now, delivering Lip Sync'd High Definition video to remote interpreter booths was a cumbersome and expensive process.

Thanks to the Plixus® conference network technology and HDMIoutput on the interpreter desk, adding a screen for the interpreters iseasy and cost-effective.

A perfect solution for interpreter booths that are located away from the conference room and where interpreters lack visual contact with the speaker.

Ready for remote interpretation

Ergonomic Design

The angle of the desk’s faceplate has been optimized for an optimal viewing angle and a relaxing hand position while using the controls.

This ergonomic design allows using the interpreter desk comfortably, even during long meetings.

Ergonomic design

For the visually impaired

Thanks to the input of visually impaired interpreters on how design could make their work easier, the Televic Interpreter Desk has braille indications near the buttons, tactile references to guide the interpreter to the right functions and audible feedback when using the desk.

detail of braille for the visually impaired interpreters

On-screen user interface

The on-screen user interface is used for set-up and adjusting the desk to the interpreter’s liking.

It then provides valuable feedback and information to the interpreter while he or she is on the job.

Important functionality includes:

  • Visual feedback of selected relay, outgoing channel, muted incoming and outgoing channels, fl oor channel.
  • A visual representation of interpretation level.
  • Visual indication of sound level.
  • Overlay of messages, current agenda topic, etc.
  • Home button to instantly display the main conference interpreting screen.
Interpreter desk user interface - sample screens

Plixus® Powered

This Televic product is Plixus® Powered. It takes full advantage of thePlixus Conference Network Technology: an innovative, future-proof technology developed by Televic offering high performance,security and reliability in mission-critical conference applications.