Confidea WCAP 無線會議接收主機~第三代

Confidea Wireless Series

Mini Central Unit - Maximum Performance

The Confidea Wireless Conference Access Point G3 is the heart of Televic's Wireless Confidea® system. For basic discussion and voting applications the access point can be used in a stand alone mode, acting as a central control unit.

With the powerful built-in webserver, configuration and setup of the wireless system is a breeze. Most common used web browsers are supported (IE, Firefox, Google Crome). The web control is mobile friendly and adapts to the screen size of the device used.

The web control can also be used for operator functions such as

  • switching microphones on/off
  • viewing request list
  • assigning speaker names
  • monitoring individual battery levels

Quad band wireless solution

The Confidea wireless conference system uses the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency range, provinding a large number of channels to guarantee a reliable wireless link at any time.

The access point has a built-in spectrum scanner that constantly monitors the 4 bands to detect interference sources and identify free frequencies. This way, the access point is able to automatically choose a ‘clean’ frequency resulting in a reliable link.

A single access point has a range of 30m. This range is extendible by adding additional access points and associated equipment.

Easy and economic integration

Another great advantage of the WCAP+ is the built-in analog input and outputWith this you can easily and economically connect the wireless conference system to:

  • a room audio system
  • a video conferencing system (mix-minus or N-1 function to prevent feedback)
  • a mixing desk
  • a recording device
  • other audio sources

So for basic systems, no additional equipment is needed for a clean and simple integration.

Order reference:  
71.98.0033 Confidea WCAP G3


  • Power connector
  • 6.3 mm jack balanced analog in
  • 6.3 mm jack balanced analog out
  • Two overload activity LEDs
  • RJ45 LAN connection
  • RJ45 in from central control unit (future use)
  • RJ45 out to next access point (future use)
  • 3 R-SMA antenna connectors


  • AES encryption


  • Through RJ45 LAN
  • Web control via regular browser
  • Mobile friendly