With DIGIMIC lean+ you can combine all of the functions of conference technology — in modular construction. For flexible combination and expansion with the widest variety of data and media connections. In addition to the technical options, the art of furnishing a conference space with conference technology lies in the perfection of integration. „Perfection“ means individual access to the conference technology, energy and data supply in the most elegant and discrete way. We have designed DIGIMIC lean+ so that it is integratable anywhere, fitting with the style of the company. Flexible in form and function, as tabletop models or models integrated into the table, elegant to nearly invisible.

The conference modules

Our principle: All of the functions of a microphone station can be flexibly combined with one another, arranged and expanded with the widest variety of data and media connections. That‘s DIGIMIC lean+. Each individual DIGIMIC component was redesigned, miniaturised to an extreme degree and optimised for flexibility so that you can take exactly what you need from the resulting basic modules. We have miniaturised the technology of the microphone station to such an extreme degree that it takes up very little space. Its significant miniaturisation also makes the microphone station more compact, more visually appealing and most of all more flexible.

The custom modules

The DIGIMIC lean+ conference modules are supplemented by uniform and high-performance custom modules. These fulfil the individual requirements for data, video and audio connection as well as power supply. They enable optimal configuration for for any requirement for media technology and network connections.

Trendsetting design for perfect integration

You can select from the widest range of frames for installation into or on top of tables in a wide variety of designs and layouts for the integration of the conference technology and additional modules individually selected for your purposes. They are the final component of the DIGIMIC lean+ system that enables the discreet integration conference technology into its surroundings.

For the best speech clarity

Professional electret microphones from Brähler with on/off indicator ring on the microphone head - an invention from Brähler that is trendsetting worldwide and is now the standard in all conference centres.

The straightforward design of the microphones and their special polar pattern enable optimal use in the conference environment. The windscreen can be attached externally or in the microphone head to control wind noise and plosives.

Brähler microphones have an optional effective and robust shock mount system to minimise interference from vibrations and stand out due to their especially natural linear sound recording.

Lastly, the microphones are optimised for minimal susceptibility to disturbance from mobile phones, PDAs and other wireless devices operating within the conference room.