The new CMic ID offers you improved technology in a slim design. The new CMic ID allows cost-effective cabling with RJ45 connectors, which also allows faster installation. A new circuit design reduces power consumption,allowing more microphone stations to be connected to a DIGIMIC control panel. With the CMic ID conferences can be optimally arranged: Microphone with push-to-talk and RTS function; voting function and channel selector ensure the best possible conditions for a smooth

conference. In addition, all delegates can be registered and identified using an RFID card. The channel selector allows selecting out of 32 audio channels. The selected channel is shown on the display in the appropriate language. The OLED displayautomatically adapts to its environment. It shines brightly and glare-free, even in darkened conference rooms.

The CMic ID has integrated loudspeakers for decentralised sound reinforcement, which switch off automatically when the microphone is activated. In addition, each unit has an individually adjustable headphone output.



  • Low energy consumption
  • More units per central
  • Cost-effective RJ45 cabling
  • Fast installation
  • Adaptable display
  • 5 buttons to select the language, volume and voting options
  • Microphone button lights up red when speaking
  • Identification by RFID card